About Us

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Climate Energy Policy Institute (CEPI)


Climate change, a central focus of this center’s work, is the key environmental issue of our time.  Climate and Energy Policy Institute (CEPI) provides an interdisciplinary forum for researching the answers to some fundamental questions:  What are the economic and social impacts of climate change?  What forces drive innovative technological responses?  How do existing institutions cope or fail to cope with climate change? How do we deal with the inevitable gaps in knowledge when making policy?  Given UC Berkeley’s premier standing in the social sciences, engineering, and climate science the Berkeley campus provides an ideal setting for exploring these issues. 

Some of CEPI's research interests include water-related effects of climate change – which are particularly critical in California – decision making in the presence of scientific and economic uncertainty regarding climate impacts, connections between climate change and social justice, and the challenges to public and private governance systems posed by this unprecedented global environmental problem.

In addition, one of CEPI’s objectives is to unite faculty across UC Berkeley campus working in climate change and energy by providing a platform for experts to meet and exchange information through grants, research, workshops, conferences and panel discussions.  CEPI’s initial out reach centered around showcasing faculty, centers, clinics and education programs in one forum, calclimate.berkeley.edu.  Our website features research, publications and news articles that represent the ongoing work in energy and climate change taking place around campus. 

CEPI's governing board consists of Professor Daniel Farber as Director, and Professors Michael Hanemann and Professor Dan Kammen as co-Directors.  Additional board members include Professors Meredith Fowlie and Andrew Guzman.  Affiliate members include Carl Blumstein and Paul Wright.